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Earn With Automated Crypto Airdrops

Subscribe now and let us handle your airdrops. Start earning crypto with zero effort.


Profit: $5000 

Project has offered a variety of activities for early adopters to join. Taking part in all of them took around $100 in investments, but brought nearly $5000 in tokens on rewards with a launch of $STRK token


Profit: $3400

Took part in a testnet and managed to get rewarded


Profit: $3600

We launched a node, submitted a form and got rewarded with tokens. Additionally, there free a chance for free NFT mint which also brought $1200 in tokens 


Profit: $2350 

We got whitelisted on a token sale for being an early Discord follower. Of course we successfully took part in. We also launched a node on the project which also got some decent profit


Profit: $1500 

We have managed to receive an airdrop for participation in the referral campaign.


Profit: $50000

The project released back in 2022 recently rewarded early adopters with a significant airdrop. We have managed to get $50 000 in rewards for holding a pair of project’s NFTs

Our previous works

Over the past four years, our team of crypto professionals has participated in 100+ airdrops with a total prize pool of ~ $3 billion worth of crypto. Here are some of the most profitable ones:

Don’t miss a single reward from a wide variety of airdrops happening every day

Our dedicated team finds, analyzes, and shares new projects daily. Discover a variety of active airdrops hassle-free with our expert team handling all participation steps for you.

Explore 100+ airdrops effortlessly 


Save time on boring


Joining and researching airdrops on your own may be time-consuming. Delegate the participation process to us. Once the airdrop ends, rewards are directly deposited into your wallet.
Airdrops can potentially share thousands of dollars in rewards. Compared to the potential rewards and the time you invest, our subscription price is truly insignificant. Let us do the job for you, and enjoy potential rewards.

Certainly profitable 


By joining us: 

Earn up to $10 000 per month 

Participation in dozens of airdrops on a regular basis can easily bring up to $10 000 each month and even more. Joining us, you leave the airdrops research and participation process to us and get your rewards sent directly to your wallet.

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—Pngtree—digital wallet for cryptocurrency_6361156.png

Don’t let airdrops become your full-time job

It usually requires 50 hours to qualify for one airdrop, making it a potential full-time commitment. With Cryptoset's Automated Airdrops, delegate participation to our team, ensuring all requirements are met, and rewards are claimed without you managing it. 

How to start earning today

How to Join



Subscribe to our servic

Receive access to your Cryptoset personal account. The profile can be used for browsing your airdrops and tracking their statuses


Cryptoset’s team will take care of the participation. With us you can be sure that all the requirements are met and you are 100% eligible for a free reward


Receive your crypto directly to your wallet with no efforts needed

Join and Automate YOUR Airdrops

Want to benefit from this airdrop without spending time on research and completing tasks? Afraid of missing any important requirements? Subscribe to the Automated Airdrops service by CryptoSet.GG and let us do all the work for you.



$ 10/Month

$ 99/Year 

Fully automated airdrop completion

Live support

No addtional costs needed

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